SanSec Partners

Your advisor for exceptional business opportunities

SanSec Partners is a privately owned corporate finance advisory firm, specializing in advising companies in strategic investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions, as well as private equity and venture firms in investment management. The partners of the company have advised many Finnish and international client companies in buy and sell side transactions, and private equity and venture funds in fund raising and investments.

SanSec Partners is looking for collaboration with other corporate finance firms and other companies that need local support in their commissions related to the Finnish marketplace. We are your partner in identifying potential targets and investing in Finland.

Sectors of Expertise

Our industry expertise and interests covers:

Medical and healthcare
technology firms

High-tech engineering and
cleantech firms in
technology industry

Laboratory service firms in medical,
environmental and
life sciences

Our Advisory Services

Investing in Finland

We offer business assessment and target appraisal in our specific industry sectors, in order to support companies and investors in their planning and deal evaluation. Our typical clients are international companies considering investing or expanding in Finland and looking for suitable targets. Our international and Finnish private equity or venture investor clients need advisory in assessing their deal flow.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)

Business assessment or target appraisal mandates lead typically to a M&A arrangement. SanSec Partners provide these buy and sell transaction services also to small and medium size companies. We acknowledge the importance and confidentiality of such transactions, as well as the advisor’s role as a mediator. Consequently, our approach includes a process in which we thoroughly assess a company’s business and strategy in order to structure the transaction towards a successful closing. We can also take charge of the coordination of the whole due diligence process.

Equity financing

We advise growth companies in our relevant industry sectors in their financing needs and consequent fund raising. We will first assess a client’s financing situation and develop the suitable and competitive strategic plan for funding. The sources of financing can be venture and private equity funds, strategic investors, or institutional or private investors.

Venture Partner

SanSec Partners offers venture partner services for international private equity and venture capital investors in the relevant Finnish industrial sectors. By offering deal flow generation, screening, structuring, and portfolio management services to international funds, SanSec can provide access to Finland’s relatively sophisticated small and medium sized market at reasonable cost.

Our Team

The partners have expertise and hands-on experience in corporate finance, international business, and general management, as well as the roles of board and company directors.


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